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Thanks You For Making This Possible.

AR2M_FP_03My Recovery Expert Jay Tishler. We would not be here with out you!

Pete Kent, with The Ogontz Group. Thanks for your continuing support.

John, The truck went great and the car came out clean and shinny thank you.

Thanks to everyone at Team O’Neil for covering for Forest and I.

Forest and Dan, The best crew ever. now get back to work!

Thanks to everyone that has checked out my site and all my fans!

Thanks Mom and Dad. Kiss Sam.

The rally starts in 2 hours. I will try and bring back good results or at least put on a good show!



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The First City On The Mississippi

Bemidji, Minnesota home of Ojibwe Forest Rally 2007 Rally America Rally of the year and Round 7 Of the Rally America National Championship

Bemidji lies on the southwest shore of Lake Bemidji, the northernmost lake feeding the Mississippi River and, as such, is deemed “the first city on the Mississippi.” The statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, local landmarks, are downtown on the lakefront.

The City of Bemidji acts as a regional center for shopping, arts, entertainment, educations, health services, worship, and government services. It is generally accepted that Bemidji serves an area of 60 miles radius from the city center. This fact places the Bemidji area population at around 160,000.


The 1st car starts stage 1 Bemidji Speedway, today at 4:33pm watch our progress Twitter Rally America and Here!

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1,344 Down 332 To Go

After driving all night we have just 332 miles to go.Picture 1


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Dinner of Champions?

Hey everyone! It’s Margaret, Chris’s sister, filling in from the backseat as we’re cruising down I-80 towards Chicago.  Chris got about 4 hours of sleep last night before we set out on this epic journey, but he still insists on driving.  Just stopped to grab the infamous Hardee’s base-model burger complete with heartburn and fries.IMG_3070

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Let the Games Begin

This is what I have look forward to starting tomorrow at 5:30am

Picture 1

Stay tuned, I will be on the road for two days. None stop blogging (I think thats the term).


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Eat Your Vegetables


My thought is this: get in to the right mindset early on. So, if that means a late night test session grabbing big mouthfuls of foliage and cutting ditches that are not meant to be cut, then perfect. Ojibwe is a MAX ATTACK! event after all, right?

As I am sure you can guess, my new head and transmission are in. Some people would say that there should be a break-in period for new parts.  After thoroughly explaining the sport of rally, those same people would say, “You do WHAT? Why?!”


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One of These Days.

I have been racing rallies for five years and I still insist on several late nights just before it’s time to leave.

Late nights leads to a sleepy dog.


I picked up my transmission last night at 5:00pm. Big thanks to Ed McNelly! For anyone that knows VW, my new trans is basically a 2Y(16v jetta gli) with a shorter 2nd gear and shorter 5th gear and a 4.25 ring and pinion from a AXV (Eco Diesel) and a Quaife LSD.


Just one more late night…

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