Let the Games Begin

This is what I have look forward to starting tomorrow at 5:30am

Picture 1

Stay tuned, I will be on the road for two days. None stop blogging (I think thats the term).



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4 responses to “Let the Games Begin

  1. Ouch. Have you ever tried the northern route? It’s obviously less mileage, but a lot less freeway. Just curious what the difference is

    • chrisduplessis

      Yes we have ran the norther route and the souther route. The norther is quicker and a nice drive up thought Sudbury. We are in a borrowed truck and trailer and did not want to risk the time and hassle at the border.

      Thanks for checking out my site!

  2. Carole Duplessis

    Enjoy! You really do need to eat your vegetables. Stay healthy.

  3. Ross

    Hey Buddy,
    Good Luck in Bemidji. Keep the posts coming you may have a future in this blogging shit, its caught my interest anyway.

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