Thanks You For Making This Possible.

AR2M_FP_03My Recovery Expert Jay Tishler. We would not be here with out you!

Pete Kent, with The Ogontz Group. Thanks for your continuing support.

John, The truck went great and the car came out clean and shinny thank you.

Thanks to everyone at Team O’Neil for covering for Forest and I.

Forest and Dan, The best crew ever. now get back to work!

Thanks to everyone that has checked out my site and all my fans!

Thanks Mom and Dad. Kiss Sam.

The rally starts in 2 hours. I will try and bring back good results or at least put on a good show!



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2 responses to “Thanks You For Making This Possible.

  1. meg

    hi babe, love you too. wish i was there ❤

  2. Carole Duplessis

    Sam’s been kissed. He got 2 walks today.
    I love you. Your blog is the BEST!

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