Rally NY

I CAN NOT Co-drive to save my life. Some reason this year I have been roped into the job of “right seat” (as they call it in the biz) two separate times. I have been racing rally for almost six years. In those six year I have only had two offers to drive someone else’s car. Just this year I have been asked seven times to co-drive. Im confused. Never the less I love going to rallys, and I will any way I can.

Last weekend I Co-Drove for Viorel Dobasu at Rally NY, we had an absolute blast we were laughing more then I was calling notes. Vio Drove very well we even won the second stage of the day! It rained none stop and we ran almost all the stages more then once so as you can image it was very rutted and puddled. (so fun!!) We were the only car to run just the second day so I guess you could say we won.


I threw up in my mouth a little on this one.


Allen, Thanks for letting us use your Subie


3/4 of Vio far left and myself in the 1st row



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2 responses to “Rally NY

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  2. Viorel Dobasu

    Chris, we did have a fantastic weekend, I couldn’t ask for a better weather and challenging stages.
    Thank you for such a good time. Was really fun to have you on the right seat and Allen was very exited to ride in his car.
    By the way, you may get used with the right seat! Matt did patch the hole in the floor, duh!!!
    Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!

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