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Reprepping For Sno*

I spent all day in the shop working on my car, while Carole and Richard (Mom and Dad) worked on rewiring the trailer.

The list:

1. Change oil and filter                        7. Replace radiator

2. New brakes front and rear             8. Fix worn out rear quarter panels

3. Mount and cut tires                           9. Rebuild DMS

4. Change fuel filter                               10. Replace front hubs

5. Check transmission                          11. Adjust clutch

6. Replace front ball joints                  12. Install wheel bearings front and rear

13. Check everything

A few more days and I should be good to go. I can’t wait to get back on the snow! The last snow event I did  was the Team O’Neil Winter Rally last year, and the last time I ran Sno* Drift was two years ago in 2008!

Here are some spectator videos from Team O’Neil Winter Rally 2009.

My personal favorite.


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What’s new in camp 70 for 2010?

Number 70 is still on the same 1990 GTi and, that’s fine with me. I would love to have a shiny new ride but “SPORT”(His name) is all paid for.  My tow rig has changed, I recently acquired a 2004 Land Rover Discovery SE7 named “ROCKEY”(if we are going to play that game).  There are no new faces for 2010. Catherine Woods is still to my right with Dan (I always spell his last name wrong) Thorton and Matt Barrow for service. 2010 I will still be competing along side Gary Wiggin in car 289. Go get ’em!

The off season was good, but its time to get back in the game. I have been working nonstop and driving in the snow every chance I get. The nice thing about working at Team O’Neil Rally School is the drive time. In the winter months there is very little course maintenance, and less course maintenance means even more drive time.

This is a picture I took on one of the many test days at Team O

With only 12 days until I hit the road for Sno* Drift in Atlanta, Michigan, the 1st round in the Rally America National Championship, I have a long list and a big pile of new parts for “SPORT”

Shiny new parts dirty old car

Making it to the 1st round, rallying in the snow, seeing good friends, and spending my hard earned money. 2010 looks to be a good year. On top of all that when Sno* Drift 2010 is in the books, I will not be heading back East I will be taking “ROCKY” and “SPORT” to the Sun Shine State were I will be starting a new job at Disney World in Orlando, Florida as a Stunt Driver for the Lights Motors Action Extreme Stunt Show. 2010 is going to be a GREAT year!!

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