Round 2 2010

Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, Round 2 of the Rally America National Championship went better then I had expected.

After Sno* Drift I towed south for a new job at Disney World in Orlando Florida. long story short I did not get the Job do to a clerical error the lovely state of Maine made 2 1/2 years ago. The state suspended my Driver license for one day and due to Disney’s strict black and white rules they could not hire me. So I left Car 70 In Savannah and drove home.

Not having time to go back to GA to pick up or reprep my car it just sat on the trailer until my crew picked it up going the long way to Missouri. In Missouri we had time to remove the snow tires and install four rally tires (the same four that I finished Ojibwe with) and that was about it. Going in to the 1st stage I was a little worried my little GTi would not make it the whole rally… So I went flat out! We had a really good weekend winning our class by almost six minutes and placing in the top ten overall.

Can’t wait for Round 3!



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2 responses to “Round 2 2010

  1. Jack

    Awesome work! I’m trying to follow this rally, but I’m in the UK so get no coverage. I’ve just been reading the site, and trying to understand the rules and categories.

    You did really well, I was surprised to see an old Golf in the rally, an awesome car! Well done on the win.

    • chrisduplessis

      Jack, Thanks for checking out my site, I don’t update it as much as I should.
      Round 3 of the Rally America Championship is in few weeks check back for up dates!!

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