I recently did an interview with Ditch Hook Magazine.
DHM Is asking 8 Drivers, 8 Questions, at 8???. Go check out ditchhook.com, the new go to spot for rally news!

DITCHHOOK MAGAZINE: How’s 2010 for you, your car, and your team? How’s it going for you guys right now?

CHRIS DUPLESSIS: It’s going awesome. This is actually the first time ever I’ll be able to run all the events.  The past few years we have only been able to run a handful of events. We are in the same old car… for now. 70 has been a very solid, reliable car. It has to be that way especially when making the trek to the west coast! We didn’t reprep her after Sno*Drift but I’ll reprep her for Olympus so everything goes well. Team’s going great; we had a few new crew members come out to the first two events, and now they are calling me to come to more. It’s nice when you have a crew that enjoys the sport and wants to be there.

DHM: Question 2: What kind of goals did you start off with this season trying to achieve and where do you stand now?
CHRIS: Well pretty much I just wanted to run the whole season. We wanted to get another National Championship. I want to show people that two wheel drive cars can be competitive and it’s the part of the sport we need to continue to grow. Not everyone can jump into an Open car the first time out. And you know we didn’t get to run enough Rallies last year. That was really it. Just run all of the events and do well.

DHM: Question 3: In between events, what are you guys doing in preparation for each rally?
CHRIS: I drive nonstop. From go-karts to tractors to soap box derby, I may even dabble in the tandem bicycle scene.

DHM: Question 4: If there was any superhero that you could relate your driving to, who would it be and why?
CHRIS: Wow, wow, I don’t even know superheros.
DHM: No? No Superman or Batman?
CHRIS: Well Batman did have a Batmobile, right?
CHRIS: He was a pretty real superhero. He’s the only superhero that had a car.
DHM: I guess it is a badass car.
CHRIS: Ya know?
DHM: Reliable.
CHRIS: I guess.

DHM: Question 5: In between stages what’s it like? What’s the atmosphere inside the car?
CHRIS: I like to nap… Well we obviously go to the Rallies to have fun so we’re always in the car laughing and joking and talking about stuff until we’ve got to just chill out and prepare for the next stage. I love to see fans standing on the side of the road so I honk or stop to give hero cards and stickers.

DHM: Question 6: What disc is spinning in your game console right now?
CHRIS: I don’t even have one.
DHM: So what game can you be caught playing on a semi-regular basis?
CHRIS: (laughs) I don’t have time for that.
DHM: Hey man I know you’re getting down on something. Maybe some Tetris, or you pull out the ol’ Super Nintendo.
CHRIS: Well actually I do get down on word search on my phone.
DHM: Word search?
CHRIS: It’s better than those Bejeweled games.

DHM: Question 7: Describe the gnarliest burger ever.
CHRIS: Well it would definitely have to have meat on it. A wheat roll, maybe some sesame seeds, maybe not. Toasted? Absolutely! Lettuce, tomato, plenty of pickles. Tons of BBQ sauce mixed with hot sauce. And swiss cheese with bacon.

DHM: Question 8: Tell me about the Top 3 most played songs on your playlist.

CHRIS: L.E.S. Artistes (XXXchange remix) by Santogold, Do Better by Say Anything, A Fifth of Beethoven (Rock Da Beat Mix) Dj Daddy Ray Z.

DHM: Bonus question: Is there anybody else’s car you would like to take for a spin?
CHRIS: Any of K. Blocks cars or a rental.

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