3 for 3

2010 Olympus Rally is in the books!

Photo by Robert Champion

It has been a long two weeks, and so worth the long trip out west. Heading into round 3 we had a decent lead on the rest of the field with Dillon Van Way in second. Dillon’s team. “Team 600” as I like to call them, installed one of those turbo chargers on their Focus. The only vehicle on my team the has one of those things is our tow rig and honestly I don’t even understand how they work. hmmm?

Dillon drove great all weekend and he is defiantly getting faster. But on the last stage had a little bad luck and found himself on his roof.

Team 70 won all but 3 stages over the weekend, although we dominated the rally we had a string of  bad luck. On stage 3 a late call (Catherine’s 1st late call) after a series of long straits and crests found us about 70 mph too fast for a left 3. Being an optimist I turned in, but we ended up backed into the woods on the outside of the corner. Luckily we were able to drive out under our own power and we only lost about 30 seconds! We suffered a bent tie rod end and had to run 2 stages at half speed until service.

Right Tie Rod..

Team 70 has 3 wins from 3 starts and a 26 point lead!

I would like to thank: My crew Forest Duplessis and Andrew Baker, Catherine and Family! The event organizers. Jay Tishler with Advanced Recovery 2 Mobility, rally-tire.com, All my fans following my journeys,  Mom and Dad, and a Huge thanks to Gary Wiggin! Stay tuned for some big news. See you all in Oregon!


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