NEFR Recap

As we near this weekend’s much anticipated X-Games Rally events here in LA, the 0-60 team continues to double, triple check everything on our race car set for some practice time today in the LA Coliseum.  The 0-60 supported Team #70 car driven by Chris Duplessis, 2010 Rally America Champion can be seen this Saturday live on ESPN/Abc starting at 4pm. In the meantime, check out the 0-60 magazine video recap from the New place in class and 10th overall! NEFR Rally 0-60 Video.

And here is additional live news coverage of the X-Games and Driver Chris Duplessis n his very first X-Games Competition. Channel 5 New’s video coverage

Thanks to all of our sponsors:(Scion Racing, Tein USA, Rays Engineering, BFGoodrich, Sparco USA, Design Craft Performance Friction Brakes, Greddy Performance, TRD, Motul, APR Performance, Genius Tools, Seibon, PIAA)



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2 responses to “NEFR Recap

  1. Ian

    Sorry to see you got red flagged out of it so early.

    That course was a joke.

    It was nice seeing someone other then the usual cast of characters out there. Good job.

  2. C.J.

    Chris you SOB!! thanks for letting us know you were gonna be in the x-games!!!! New ride looks good man!!

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