Fiesta R2 specs


Donor vehicle: Ford Fiesta 1.6

Engine: 1.6 Zetec 16V – 1598cc – Ti-VCT; 4 cylinders in line; DOHC; 16 valves; alloy cylinder head and block; variable cam timing.

Power: 170 PS @ 7,500 rpm from 97 octane fuel

Torque: 182 Nm @ 5,700 rpm

Transmission: Five speed sequential gearbox developed by Sadev with plated limited slip differential and uprated driveshafts. ECU developed by Pi with flat shift feature with full throttle closed loop control shift.

Suspension: Reiger adjustable dampers with Eibach springs, spherical jointed top mounts front and rear. Front dampers adjustable for bump and rebound. Standard rear beam with uprated mounts. 2-bolt clamped front upright. Adaptor pin mounted in uprights with spherical bearing connecting the lower arm. Five stud hub.

Brakes: Gravel (front): 285 mm AP ventilated discs with four piston competition calipers.

Asphalt (front): 310 mm AP ventilated discs with four piston competition calipers.

Rear: 280 mm AP ventilated discs with single piston calipers.

Hydraulic handbrake.

Steering: Electric power-assisted steering.

Wheels: Gravel: OZ 6”x15” Gravel

Asphalt: OZ 6.5”x16” Asphalt

Bodyshell: Welded T45 steel multipoint rollcage. Optimised seat position and integrated dash bar. Jacking points optional and seam welding is permitted.

Electronics: Bespoke instrument cluster by Visteon in the same style as the standard series cluster.

Dimensions: Length: 3953mm. Width: 1722mm. Height: 1481mm. Wheelbase: 2490mm. Weight: 1030kg.


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  1. I have the spec sheet printed out and hanging above my desk at work.

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