If you don’t already know Chris Duplessis, just look for the guy who is having a good time.  Chris’s unique mix of humor and passion is what makes him a rising star in the world of rally. At only 22, he has already driven his self-built 1990VW GTI to numerous championships. 

Chris’s accomplishments include: Three-time Group 2 Eastern Regional Championship winner, 2007 Group 2 National Champion, 2008 Regional Champion, 2008 Two-Wheel Drive-Woodner Cup Champion, and 2009 New England Forest Rally MaxAttack! winner.

Chris’s first love is driving, but he also spends his extra time maintaining his rally car.  While other drivers may show up to events hoping that their crew has the car ready to go, Chris was most likely up the night before going over last minute testing.  This is actually something that he feels is his biggest advantage over the competition. There is not one bolt on his GTI that he has not tightened himself; giving him the upper-hand when diagnosing problems at service.  

When not preparing for rally events, Chris works full-time at Team O’Neil Rally School in Dalton, NH.  It is there that Chris helps to expand the sport by passing along his knowledge of driving and everything rally.  He can often be heard telling others how to get started in the sport and giving them tips on how building their own rally car.

If you find yourself at the next Rally America event be sure to stop by and talk to Chris, just look for the guy that’s smiling.   

Chris at New England Forest Rally--2008

Chris at New England Forest Rally--2008